O'Gorman House

Mexico City, 2019
Harumi Tanimoto

$3,192.00 MXN

Casa O’Gorman (O’Gorman House), designed by the architect and muralist, Juan O’Gorman, is located in the San Angelín neighborhood of Mexico City. This was the first functionalist architectural work in Mexico, completed in 1929. It later became an inspiration for the construction of the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera studio-houses (1931-1932) — currently on the same land. This is a unique structure, as it incorporates a floor-to-ceiling window that opens and closes, integrating the exterior space (garden – street) with the interior of the house.

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Harumi Tanimoto

Harumi Tanimoto is a Mexican visual communicator and illustrator who believes in the importance of sharing everyday creative processes by observing the infinite possibilities of shapes, compositions, and colors. She maintains the idea that “All the arts are related in one way or another” when conceptualizing her illustrations, by drawing inspiration from themes that she is passionate about (cinema, fashion, culture, and architecture), to inspire her design, photography, and illustrations.

Throughout her career, she has worked in collaboration with different independent designers, design studios, and architecture studios such as Savvy Studio, Archivo de Diseño y Arquitectura, a | 911, VGZ Arquitectura, and currently with the team of Mariela Mezquita. She began her independent career in 2018 producing a range of digital illustrations for high profile clients such as Random House, Glocal Magazine, and Liverpool.

Tanimoto’s work is mainly focused on transmitting her personal beliefs, in a simple way, with great visual impact. She is always conscious of the harmony present in detail, authentic designs, and works that last over time—generating a change in people’s lives.